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Hey ! This is my game for the LuxJam game jam ! It's a little survival/shooting game. 

Controls: W/A/S/D / Q=Healing potion / E=Open crafting inventory / LeftClick=Shoot with bow/place torch/cut trees with axe/mine stone with pickaxe

There is 120 seconds of day where you can cut trees, mine stone, craft torches, arrows and healing potions. But the night is coming and if you want to see something you'll have to place your torches, but they'll disappear in a certain amount of time ! Be aware ! In the night, waves of ennemies are coming, if they touch you too many times you'll die !

Also, thanks to A* project for the pathfinding of the ennemies, and to OpenGameArt for the environnement Sprites ! All the rest is from me ! 

Good luck ! :D

Install instructions

Just download the .zip file and launch the .exe file !


LightIsPrecious - LuxJam2020.zip 19 MB

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