A downloadable game for Windows

The game is bugged the leaderboard worked in unity but not in the build and end screen too.

Hello !

This is my game, that I made solo, for the ScoreSpace Jam #9 ! The theme was climbing.

In this game you have to steal access card to the security members to climb all the ladders to the boss who reject you when you applied for a job.

You can play the keyboard, but it's better with a controller.

In the menu, you have to select a button with the direction arrows or with the controller stick and press *Submit.

E / (A) = Steal card / Open door

*Enter / (A) = Submit

Escape / (B) = Go back

Good luck.

Install instructions

Download / Dezip / Run the exe !


ClimbingTheLadder.zip 19 MB


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very good game